Regina Chiluba welcomes religious ministry


SECOND republican president Dr Frederick Chiluba’s widow, Regina, says the pronouncement by President Edgar Lungu to introduce a ministry of religious affairs and guidance has come at a time when the country needs a lot of spiritual guidance to maintain peace.

And Mrs Chiluba has joined many Zambians and leaders across the world in congratulating President Lungu on his re-election during the August 11, 2016, general elections.

Ms Chiluba said the re-election of President Lungu for the next five years was a well-deserved victory.

Mrs Chiluba said the pronouncement by President Lungu to introduce a ministry of religious affairs and guidance was in line with the declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation by her late husband on December 29, 1991.

She said her husband even went a step further to introduce a religious desk at State House.

“I am quite positive that the new ministry will strive to promote Christian unity as well as encourage openness, accountability and transparency especially on the part of the men and women of God of various denominations and at the same time cement the cohesion that exists among the mother Church bodies so as to attain peace, unity and dignity of humanity,” she said.

Mrs Chiluba said the introduction of such a ministry would enhance the ‘‘mobilization and constellation’’ of the various Christian faiths in the spirit of the motto of One Zambia One Nation.