ZRA queried over Post operations

THE Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) should tell Zambians the status of the Post Newspaper which has continued publishing with impunity despite the newspaper having had its premises and equipment seized by the tax authority, Kennedy Kamba has charged.

Mr Kamba said it was in the interest of Zambians that ZRA should update citizens on the operations of the Post Newspaper and whether its proprietor was paying all the taxes to the Treasury as he had continued publishing and selling the newspaper.

Mr Kamba, who is Patriotic Front (PF) Lusaka Province youth chairman, also wondered why cases involving the Post Newspaper always took long to conclude.

He said as far as  Zambians were concerned, the Post Newspaper was committing more financial crimes by publishing and selling when the newspaper was owing staggering amounts to ZRA .

Mr Kamba said there was a general belief among Zambians that the Judiciary could  have been infiltrated by the cartel and that was why cases


involving the Post Newspaper and its allies were taking too long to be disposed of in circumstances which were less than clear.

“We have seen the Post Newspaper has continued to be on the streets and yet Zambians have not been told of its current status. We also want to know whether the Post Newspaper has been honouring its tax obligations in the months that its premises had remained closed but had continued to operate.

‘‘What we find ironical is that cases involving the Post Newspaper and its allies never end in our courts of law and there is a general perception that the Judiciary could have been infiltrated by the cartel currently fighting President Edgar Lungu, Mr Kamba said.

He said Zambians were angry that President Lungu had remained a victim of slander and malice by the Post Newspaper that had been pushing for regime change.

Mr Kamba said President Lungu had been elected by the majority of Zambians and that the PF had performed extremely better than it did under president Michael Sata in 2011.

He said it was annoying that President Lungu who had the support of the majority of Zambians was not being respected by the Post Newspaper which had continued pushing that his election should be nullified.