Disabled appeal for Cabinet post

THE Born Short Living Tall (BSLT) organisation for people with disabilities has appealed to President-elect Edgar Lungu to consider appointing a disabled person in his new cabinet.

BSLT executive director Ntalasha Chisha stressed the need for representation of people living with disabilities, saying that this was the only way to guarantee their full involvement in national affairs.

In his congratulatory letter to President Lungu, Pastor Chisha said the President should consider a disabled person for a ministerial position so that they too could have representation.

“This move will make the disabled feel accommodated in society as they have most times been made to feel left out. Advocates have championed gender balance and youth involvement. It’s time the President considered appointing a disabled person,” Pastor Chisha said.

He also observed that the 2017 Budget would soon be presented to Parliament and has since called on President Lungu to consider making education free for the disabled people from primary to university.

Pastor Chisha said this was because most disabled people came from vulnerable homes where their parents and guardians could hardly afford to take them to school, especially university.

“If the disabled are accorded this opportunity, we will see the reduction of them begging on the streets as they would be able to get good jobs after obtaining their educational qualifications and eventually helping others,” he said.

Pastor Chisha commended First Lady Esther Lungu for her outreach activities through her foundation to help women, the disabled and children.

He appealed to the First Lady to create an empowerment fund for the disabled to enable them start businesses to better their lives.