…as GBM, Nevers preach insurgency


GEOFFREY Bwalya Mwamba and Nevers Mumba have embarked on a path of inciting insurgency and have asked their supporters to rise against President Edgar Lungu and the Patriotic Front (PF) whose victory they have rejected.

Mr Mwamba, the UPND vice-president for administration and Dr Mumba, the former MMD president, have vowed and threatened that Zambians who voted for the UPND would rise against the State should the courts of law not rule in their favour in their electoral court battles.

Addressing a press conference at Chinama hotel yesterday, Mr Mwamba claimed over 1.8 million Zambians who voted for the UPND on August 11, 2016 would not stand with their arms akimbo but rise should the courts of law rule against the party.

Mr Mwamba popularly known as GBM threatened that the 1.8 million Zambians who voted for  the UPND had the capacity to override the State and remove the PF from what he termed short-lived State power.

He said if the courts would NOT rule in favour of the UPND, its verdict would be rejected and the people would have no option but to take a “next stage”.

Mr Mwamba said the battle was not yet over, adding that it had just begun.

“If they (PF) have bought the courts using corruption money and they think that it is over and that the UPND is going to give up…I want to tell them that we shall not give up! It simply means that over 50 percent of the voters did not want the PF to continue,” Mr Mwamba said.

He said there was no way Zambians could have rejected the referendum and still vote for President Lungu.

Mr Mwamba said the rejection of the referendum by Zambians was an indication that they had also rejected President Lungu.

He, however, urged UPND members across the country to wait for what the court would decide before considering a second stage.

“We are not happy with what is happening to the judiciary because it has been compromised. This has never happened in the history of Zambia,” Mr Mwamba said.

And former MMD president Nevers Mumba has appealed to Zambians to remove the spirit of fear and reclaim their vote which he claimed had been stolen.

Dr Mumba urged the members to remove the spirit of fear because they could not win a battle with fear.

“You can never win a battle win an intimidated attitude. When fear grips you, you cannot become useful, you will die poor…It’s better to do die poor but at the battle front,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dr Mumba also said that Christianity had been abused under the leadership of President Lungu.

stolen? This is a fight for justice. This fight is for you and not for Mr Hichilema. Fight with us by ensuring that we get back the vote which has been stolen from us,” Dr Mumba said.

One thought on “…as GBM, Nevers preach insurgency

  1. Insurgency? To all the 1.8 million who voted for the UPND, i urge you not to allow these two disgruntled leaders to cause you to destroy the ONLY country you have. If things became tough, they have the financial resources and can easily run away and leave you all in trouble with the Law.

    Do not heed their call. Show them you love your country and will not sacrifice your country to satisfy their agenda.

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