Women condemn soldier who killed wife


THE NGOCC has expressed sadness at the increased incidences of men in uniform killing their defenceless spouses with guns, urging the security wings to step up measures to safeguard the ammunitions as well as conduct counselling for staff to stop all forms of gender-based violence (GBV).

NGOCC, a non-governmental organisation, was commenting on the killing of Lines Tembo, 39, who was shot dead by her husband, a soldier in Lusaka’s Army Appollo Camp on Thursday-an incident which they have described as an inhuman, gruesome and retrogressive to families, communities as well as the country.

In a statement issued yesterday to the Daily Nation, NGOCC executive director Engwase Mwale expressed worry at the increased number of women who were married to men in uniform and risked being subjected to excessive torture.  Ms Mwale said that no amount of anger or differences in marriages would justify the gruesome murder of any human being and she also demanded for justice to be done.

“As an organisation, we are saddened that an Army officer, who was trained to safeguard and protect lives, could turn on and pull the trigger against his own defenceless wife using a lethal AK47 rifle.

“No amount of anger or indeed any differences can justify the gruesome murder of another human being. Such heartless men do not deserve to be in society and therefore, we hope the law will take its course against the irresponsible officer.

“It is particularly of concern that cases of our men in uniform killing their own spouses using the very weapons they are supposed to use to protect the nation with, seem to be on the rise,” she said.

She has urged couples to seek amicable ways of resolving marital issues using the existing community, the church and family structures.

“Finally, we would like to urge couples to always engage in dialogue whenever they have any misunderstandings or differences in their marriage by using the existing community, church and family structures that have always been effective in resolving family disputes,” she said.