Actress Cassie Kabwita set to fight sexual abuse


By Terence Miselo

Zambian actress Cassie Kabwita is determined to fight sexual abuse and violence against women in her latest movie project called ‘Kwacha’. Speaking in an interview to give an update on how far she is gone in this new production that features actors from Tanzania and Zambia, Kabwita said she chose to address sexual abuse and violence against women because of the escalating reports of the vice in the recent past. She said African families especially in Zambia, have had challenges in addressing sexual abuse like rape in societies.

“Reporting a rape case is not as easy as drinking water, it comes with a lot of challenges.

When you report rape to your family or guardian, it is 100% possible that no one will believe you especially in situations where the rapist is the breadwinner,” bemoans Kabwita.

“The victim will be sent out of the house because the partner feels threatened.

It is not easy to deal with rape no matter the age because the most annoying part of rape is that it is done by the people we look up to as our heroes, the people society trusts and respects making it so hard to report or share with anyone.”

It is therefore this belief that prompted her to embark on Kwacha.

The movie is a campaign against sexual abuse and violence against women and girls based on some stories from real life experiences.

It stars two of Tanzania’s bongo movie veterans. Vincent Ray Kigosi as Church and Kajala Masanja as Kasweka, an abused woman who ends up losing her life all in the name of keeping her marriage hoping that her abusive husband will one day change for the better.

Kabwita, who is also the writer and producer of the film, plays the main cast of a lady named Kwacha, a famous actress using her fame to advocate for sexual abuse victims .She faces a lot of challenges in her relationship with Church after her sister Kasweka gets killed by her husband played by Yahya Kaba.

The movie also features lots of Zambia’s famous faces in the film and music industry like Owas Ray Mwape and Mumba Yachi.

This is a must see movie as it will help many people reflect on the evils of sexual abuse and gender-based violence in an entertaining yet emotional way.