FRA in Luanshya fails to meet target


THE Food Reserve Agency (FRA) in Luanshya has failed to meet its projected target to purchase grain amounting to 45000 by 50kg bags of maize from farmers in the district.

Acting district commissioner Kasemuka Mwalo disclosed in an interview with the Sunday Nation that since the marketing season kicked off in July this year, the agency had only managed to buy 7000 by 50kg bags of maize.

Mrs Mwalo said the situation has been caused by briefcase businessmen and women and local millers that were offering more money to farmers for their produce.

She has urged millers and private dealers to be considerate of the floor price set by Government because grain that was being bought was subsidised by Government.

She stated that farmers should know that selling maize that was produced by Government’s subsidised farm inputs was going to bring about increase in mealie meal prices.

In June this year, Government increased the maize floor price from 75 to 85 Kwacha per 50 kilogramme bag of maize.