Jealousy wife checks hubby’s genitals for any signs of adultery


A 36-YEAR-OLD man caused laughter in a Local Court in Lusaka when he said that his wife was so jealous that she checks his genitals to ascertain if he slept with another woman.

Godfrey Banda of Kanyama West compound was testifying in a case in which his wife, Namakau Moto, 28, sued him for reconciliation.

The two got married in 2013 and have one child.

Moto told Senior Court Magistrate Lewis Mumba sitting with Magistrate Abbishine Michelo at Kanyama Local Court that problems started in May 2016 when Banda started denying her conjugal rights.

She explained that when Banda returned from his beer drinking sprees he would tell her that they were already divorced and that she should leave him, adding that he had a right to sleep with any woman he so wanted.

Moto said that the other day when they differed, Banda packed his clothes and only returned to the matrimonial home after three days.

Moto further said that after two days Banda went to his sister whom she told that she (Moto) looked like a toilet.

“At one time when Banda was drunk, he beat me and kept asking me why I was not leaving him. Banda is paid K2, 700 but he only gives me K300 leaving me hungry, saying he wants me to leave,” said Moto.

Moto said that they sat on four occasions to resolve the matter but nothing had changed since then.

In defence, Banda said that Moto was a jealous woman.

Banda further said that when he returned home, Moto would check his genitals to ascertain if he slept with another woman.

“When I go for work, he starts calling me to ask where I am. But as a driver sometimes I sleep out when it is too late but still she will ask why I didn’t come home.

“The other time when we had a visitor, we differed as we were arranging where our guest will sleep and she hit me with an object on the head and she left,” said Banda.

Banda denied sexually starving Moto for four months.

Magistrate Mumba reconciled the couple and advised them to stay in harmony and he also advised Moto to go to marriage counsellors.

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