You probably first came across his works on that great raga-dancehall collaboration called ‘Cocoa Butter’ with Petersen then later experienced his desire to change the sound of Zambian music on his most previous projects like ‘Oxygen,’ ‘Chainama’ and ‘No Drama.’

Well, Kalale Masengu musically known as Kaladoshas is back with some summer loving under his new song ‘Ma lovin’ released yesterday.

Arranged in his usual laid-back raga-dance tempo, the song comes under Tilimo Entertainment and was skillfully produced by Shinko Tedwingz.

It is ideal for this summer and identifies Kaladosha’s desire to compile a convincing album for 2016. His singing matches so well with the raga beat which is complemented by his flow in a raga-dancehall style.

You will be definitely right to call it a love song but one thing is for sure, it will put you on the dance floor.