PF/MMD alliance avoided re-run-Nakacinda


THE MMD has expressed delight that the alliance with the Patriotic Front (PF) in the last general elections yielded positive results through the re-election of President Edgar Lungu.

The MMD believes that its alliance with the ruling party had saved money as it had avoided a possible rerun which the opposition were expecting.

Speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday, MMD party national secretary Raphael Nakacinda said that the national executive committee (NEC) held a consultative meeting to review the party’s participation in the general elections and their choice to support President Lungu as their preferred presidential candidate.

Mr Nakacinda said that the opposition party was pleased with the results which he said was aimed at meeting the 50 percent plus 1 threshold to avoid a rerun which could have been costly to the tax-payers.

He said the MMD was proud of the conduct of Mr Lungu following his re-election in the past three weeks despite disruptive processes by the UPND who had flooded the judiciary with numerous court actions.

“As NEC, we are proud of ourselves as a party for having participated in the general elections and the choice we made to support Edgar Chagwa Lungu in order to attain the 50 percent plus one threshold aimed at saving tax-payers money in case of a rerun. We would like to congratulate him and the party for emerging victorious. We pray that God grants him a heart of wisdom and of justice to lead this great nation,” he said.

Mr Nakacinda has urged Zambians to support President Lungu as he had been entrusted by God to lead Zambia.

He said that the party would in the next few weeks hold a formal NEC meeting to discuss how the MMD/PF alliance would be made more meaningful in terms of developmental programs for the benefit of citizens.

Mr Nakacinda said that he had received general concern from MMD members across the country over the conduct of the opposition UPND and statements aimed at bringing about lawlessness.

He called on law enforcement agencies not to allow few individuals to cause chaos and affirmed that the MMD would continue to consolidate peace and development.

“We want to say that as MMD, we did not fight to bring about multiparty democracy in 1990 and freedom of expression to perpetuate insolence and a desire to bring about lawlessness. The UPND should know that their rights end where the rights of others begin. We would like to call upon law enforcement agencies not to permit any behaviour meant to breed violence.