ECL awina na futi, HH aluza na futi!!!



This time it is the High Court that has thrown out HH and GBM’s application to block the inauguration of President-elect Edgar Lungu and Vice-President-elect Inonge Wina. Zambians who think the matter is done away with ought to watch the space. The next application might be to the Dundumwezi local court. Indeed, as a Bemba saying goes pansaka tapabulwa chiwelewele. I pity the man. He really needs divine intervention to calm his bitterness. Otherwise, it might kill him. God save mother Zambia.

FK, Lusaka




Probe Post Newspaper on foreign voters



The Post Newspaper and its Editor-in-chief Mr. M’membe shouldn’t be left scot free over the foreign voters. They must lead the police to where those people are as they claimed to know.

W.S.M, Luano



Petitioners’ lawyers disappointing


Let me register my disappointment at the so called learned lawyers. Lawyers are not just hired to be paid and get rich but to represent their clients well. It is, therefore, their duty to study their client’s cases and advise them even before the case is taken to court. The petitioners’ lawyers in the just ended presidential petition knew so well that they were supposed to handle the case within 14 days including weekends. But they chose to ignore that fact with a view that days could be extended so that they amass more legal fees.

Manda C. Kitwe




Politics is like football


What these guys GBM and HH are doing doesn’t make any sense at all because politics is more like football being played by Zambia Vs Congo. Therefore, if one team wins, the other should accept. Should the match end up in a draw, penalty shoot outs are given so that people go with clear information of who has won or lost. Let them not waste time for the Government to start work. Petitions are delaying so many programmes.

Concerned Zambian



Tame PF cadres on inauguration


Now that the Presidential petition is past and inauguration date set, I humbly ask PF to tame its cadres not to come and stop traffic flow for them to pass. Please, it’s the duty of the police officers. Let us be united. God bless Zambia.




Congratulations President Lungu


Congratulations to Edgar Lungu as you lead this great country. We wish you God’s wisdom and strength to propel Zambia to even greater levels of unity, stability and economic success.  Be blessed Mr. President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and best wishes to your new government.

Rainbow party vice IPS Kanyama constituency, Lusaka



UPND lost direction


UPND has lost direction and the levels of desperation are frightening. They know that the law will visit them for their transgressions for displaced citizens, arson, sabotage and aggravated robbery cases. The smoke screen they want to cover themselves with will not do because the State will have overwhelming evidence against them. An olive branch they are indirectly soliciting for will not be granted. They are so immature and I urge them to learn from late President Sata how he always reacted after losing. Come 2021, the UPND will be irrelevant. Viva PF and ECL!!!

Martin Mulenga.



HH, GBM and Nevers outbursts


I note with sadness the outbursts by the three opposition political party leaders namely HH, GBM and Nevers Mumba who are inciting the masses to rise against the democratically elected government of PF under the able leadership of President Edgar C. Lungu. What these people are doing is propagating civil insurrection which requires immediate attention by our security system.

Stan, Fairview




Inauguration silences enemies


Now that H.E Mr. Edgar Lungu will be sworn in on Tuesday, let him use a big stick on these people of unclean lips who have spewed venom and hate upon him including counterfeit men of God. Law enforcement officers open your ears to all who defame Mr. Lungu, the people’s choice.

Julian Bowa


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