Enhance girl-child education, Govt urged


CHILD Labour Ambassador Samson Mutambo has appealed to the Government to scale up efforts in the promotion of girl-child education in the country for effective development.

Mr Mutambo made the appeal in an interview with the Sunday Nation yesterday.

He noted that girl-child education was vital to the rapid socio-economic development of every society and should be given adequate attention.

“When you educate a man you educate a person, but when you educate a woman you educate a whole nation,” Mr. Mutambo said.

He also advised Government at all levels to evolve education policies that would enhance qualitative education for the girl-child.

Mr. Mutambo said the measure became necessary in order to build an egalitarian society.

He observed that the only way the society could be sanitised and become sophisticated was to educate the custodians of families from the beginning and prepare them for better future.

He explained that young girls of today would eventually become wives and mothers that would be in-charge of families, hence the need to make them more enlightened and educated.

“Family is the smallest political unit in any society and it plays a critical role in nation-building,” she said.

According to him, the trend of total dehumanisation of the girl-child in the recent time was inimical to the quest for egalitarian society and socio-economic growth.

He implored Government to initiate policies that would restore the glory and dignity of the girl-child and prepare her for better future.

“Our attitudes toward the girl-child must change for better if we really want to turn our society around for better.

“Government at all levels should strive to make the protection and education of the girl-child a priority, most especially in the rural areas where girl-child education is at the lowest ebb,” he said.