HH lampooned for branding Judges thugs

BRANDING Constitutional Court Judges thugs and criminals by Hakainde Hichilema is the gravest assault on the Judiciary and the UPND leader should know that his conduct towards the Zambian courts is injudicious and not acceptable, Brebner Changala has charged.

And Mr Changala has said Zambian Judges should be protected from political hooligans whom he said were on the loose and on rampage of violating the sanctity of the country’s judicial system.

Mr Changala has demanded that sanctions should be taken against Mr Hichilema for his disrespect and insolence against the Judiciary which is one of the critical institutions of governance in the country.

Mr Changala, who is civil rights activist, said Mr Hichilema should be made to account for his insults against the Judges because such kind of conduct had the potential to destroy the Judiciary without which the governance of the country would be threatened.

He said Mr Hichilema was not the first neither was he the last to have lost elections and that his bitterness over the electoral defeat he suffered at the hands of President Edgar Lungu should not be extended to the Judges who presided over his failed petition to nullify the re-election of the Head of State.

Mr Changala stated that Mr Hichilema’s assault on the Judiciary which was a critical part of the governance system, and demeaning Judges to the level of reducing them to criminals should never be condoned and the UPND leader should, therefore, be condemned in the strongest terms for his unbecoming behaviour.

Mr Changala explained that Zambians had made the right decision to reject Mr Hichilema because the UPND leader was going to destroy the Judiciary had he taken over the leadership of the country.

“Destroying the Judiciary is killing the umpire of justice. Zambians must strongly condemn Mr Hichilema for insulting the Constitutional Court Judges. Zambia is bigger than individual political parties and Mr Hichilema. I am asking that there should be sanctions against the UPND leader so that we can preserve our three arms of government. Mr Hichilema must be reminded that as a man aspiring to take over the leadership of the country, he will not be able to govern if he is going to inherit a nation with a destroyed judicial system,” Mr Changala said.

Mr Changala said the phenomenon of wanting to win an election and get State power at all costs had completely blinded Mr Hichilema who he said had been of the belief that he had won the general elections and had powers to abuse institutions of governance.

He said the UPND leader had no proof whatsoever that the Constitutional Court Judges had been paid by President Lungu to lapse his petition neither did he have evidence that the Judges were nothing but a bunch of criminals.

“Ironically, Mr Hichilema is still going to the courts and will be appearing before the same Judges he has branded thugs and criminals. What sense is he making out of his attacks? How does he insist to continue appearing before the same Judges he is abusing with impunity?” Mr Changala wondered.

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