HH, Western diplomats plot



HAKAINDE Hichilema has invited Western Diplomats to a secret meeting at which he intends to unveil “the next steps” following his defeat and dismissal of his petition.

But Government sources have described the meeting as illegal.

The covert meeting is scheduled to take place today at Chainama Hotel at 10:00 hours and all Western Diplomats have been invited to the meeting at which the UPND leader will discuss what he termed ‘events surrounding the August general elections’ which saw the re-election of President Lungu.

The meeting, according to Government, was unacceptable considering that the issues were canvassed in courts of law and any extra judicial action would lead to consequences, “We don’t expect diplomats to be party to such manoeuvres,” a government official said.

In a letter dated September 9, 2016, Mr Hichilema said the meeting with the Western diplomats would provide an opportunity for the UPND and its alliance partners to brief the international community on issues which, according to him, were threatening the peace and stability of the country.

Mr Hichilema said he was inviting Western diplomats and their political specialists attached to their foreign missions in Zambia as he was considering steps of resolving the current situation.

In his letter captioned: ‘Invitation to meeting to address issues of concern’, Mr Hichilema said he was going to discuss with the Western diplomats constitutional issues he claimed were threatening the country.

“I am writing to invite you to a meeting to take place on Monday, 12th September at 10:00 hours in the boardroom of the Chainama Hotel. The meeting will provide an opportunity for the UPND and our alliance partners to brief the international community on events surrounding the recent election, the subsequent petition and the constitutional issues that are threatening the country. We will also discuss the possibility of the next steps available to us in resolving the current situation,” Mr Hichilema said.

But three of the Western diplomats have snubbed Mr Hichilema’s meeting and have declared that they would not be attending the meeting today.

One of the Western diplomats told the Daily Nation that they had been supporting Mr Hichilema through the election process as well as during the court process and could not continue following the dismissal of his petition by the Constitutional Court.

The diplomats said in separate interviews that they were of the belief that with the Constitutional Court having made its ruling over the petition, there was need for the country to move on and that President Lungu whose inauguration is scheduled for tomorrow should be supported.

“We have been invited as diplomats by Mr Hichilema for a meeting at Chainama Hotel tomorrow (today) but I will not be attending the meeting. We supported Mr Hichilema through the election process and during the petition in the Constitutional Court. But the courts have since made a decision and we think that the country should move on and we want Zambians to support a leader who has been elected,” one of the diplomats who received the letter said.

One thought on “HH, Western diplomats plot


    The recent 11th August 2016 presidential election is some kind of a chemo-political titration that has yielded the precipitation of hard core anti-democratic politicians who were bent onto the process of mortgaging the natural wealth of Zambia to some western economic mercenaries.

    Nevers Mumba, GBM, HH, Fred Mmembe and Mutembo Nchito etc formed the core of national plunderers that entrenched into politics to rip-off the national treasury for their personal advantage.

    Students of Law, Political Science and social sciences in Zambia and the southern Africa will discover the networking of these five men very revealing as exposed in Chapter 2 of the book titled “A PRESIDENT BETRAYED”. Taking into account how Mutembo Nchito and Mmembe fraudulently obtained money from various banks to service the defunct Zambian Airways, how could a UPND leader openly put up a defense of Mmembe’s Post Newspaper that refused to pay Tax to ZRA? Members of the Cartel have been unusually active at this juncture.

    Worst still, what would have been the hidden motives by some western diplomats who were engaged in clandestine meetings with UPND leaders before, during and after the elections?

    As a student of international relations, I am inclined to believe that the British people had a depth of very good reasons why they opted to pull out of the European Union. Strangely, the arrogance exhibited by HH, GBM and Nevers Mumba seems to have been fermented and boosted by the European Union (EU) Election Observer Officials. If the EU Secretariat strives to unify European states into one strong economic block, why should its EU civil servants opt to apply retrogressive formulars that fosters regionalism being exhibited by the Tonga under the Bantu-Botatwe, as executed by HH’s UPND in Zambia?

    Whatever lean excuses the European Union (EU) Election Observer Officials propagates, I still strongly urge the PF Government or PF Executive that, after the election dust settles, they should create a well-informed “THINK TANK” that must (a) investigate and identify the true nationality of EU Election Observer Official who has been plotting against the President Elect Edgar Lungu, the Election Commission of Zambia, and involved in the mutilation of Judiciary In Zambia; (b) the findings to be communicated to Security Systems of SADC, the African Union and European Union Commission Secretariat.

    It is high time that some mercenary elements originating from some western countries must come to accept that one day some African States that yearn for genuine development may very soon be associating themselves with the emerging financial giant called BRICS formed by developed states of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The other alternative link for us is the USA whose leader in the name of President Obama has exhibited wisdom of improving relations with Cuba.

    The process that Nevers Mumba, GBM, HH, Fred Mmembe and Mutembo Nchito had set on to rip-off the national treasury for their personal advantage must be curtailed as soon as the PF Government settles down to develop this country.

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