Bitterness engulfs UPND-Mumbi Phiri


DESPERATION, lack of visionary leadership, and bitterness has engulfed the United Party for National Development (UPND) because they have realised that they will never make it politically after this year’s embarrassing defeat, Patriotic Front (PF) deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri has said.

Ms. Phiri said the petitions and legal battles that the UPND engaged in soon after the general elections were all kicks of a dying horse and will soon subside into dead silence because there was no iota of truth in the opposition party’s claim of electoral malpractice and fraud.

She said the developments that characterised the announcement of this year’s election results up to today’s inauguration of President Edgar Lungu were a shame to the country and showed that UPND leadership had failed to come to terms with reality and had become a political liability to the country.

She said even UPND faithfuls should start questioning certain decisions that the party leadership was making as they only aimed at bringing instability in the country and destroying the image of the country as a beacon of peace where the rule of law was held in high esteem by those in power. She said Zambians should reflect on what the UPND stood for in its attempts to usurp power using any by attempting to reverse the interest of the Zambians who voted for the party of their choice, adding that it did not make any sense that while the Constitutional Court had given a position over the petition, the leaders of UPND should continue pushing the country to accept that they were winners when it was obvious that they had lost.

She said the desperation exhibited by the UPND was testimony that they were scared that since they had failed to form government this year, it would be their end because their members were becoming impatient with their continued failures which had characterised the party since its formation in 1998.

“This is what happens when the party is led by people who want to hold the country hostage because they want their selfish motives to precede the will of Zambians. They have rushed to the courts and have failed because they have no case to prove and now because they are desperate, they will use any method to sway people into believing that they were robbed of victory but it is too late because Zambians know that they have always claimed victory even when they have never won.

“Zambians should now be worried about what these people want. Is it that they are desperate to serve them and improve their lives or just because they want to pay back the credits they got to fund their campaigns? Even its membership should be worried about the level of desperation that has engulfed their party because this is becoming too much,” Ms. Phiri said.

She said instead of wasting time pushing courts to impose them as winners, the UPND needed to accept defeat and start mobilising ahead of the 2021 elections.

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