Chalala illegal dump site den of criminals


UNDESIGNATED garbage dump site in Chalala has irked residents who have expressed concern that the spot is not only a health risk but that scavengers and thieves patronise the ditch and attack innocent people.

A resident, Milner Mwansa, said that the illegal dumpsite which is located near the ZESCO power lines had become a source of serious concern.

She said the site was being used by mostly residents of Chilenje Township who were allegedly throwing waste there to avoid waste management fees.

Ms Mwansa said that the Lusaka City Council (LCC) had been informed and had assured the people in the area that they would bury the dumpsite after the general elections and she urged the local authority to expedite the process.

“We are worried, as residents of Chalala, with the illegal dumpsite which is located near the ZESCO power lines because it can bring about an outbreak of diseases and hordes of scavengers as well as thieves who patronise the ditch attack unsuspecting residents.

“People who usually throw waste there are Chilenje residents who are just across the road. In our case, garbage is collected promptly. We communicated to the Lusaka City Council and they assured us that they will bury the ditch and we call upon them to quickly move in,” she said.

Another resident, John Mbewe, said that there was a terrible stench and flies coming from the dumpsite, hence was considering of looking for accommodation elsewhere.

Mr Mbewe complained that the dumpsite had become a safe haven for thieves and scavengers and that hardly a day would pass without a report of an attack on innocent residents.

He also appealed to LCC to come to their aid and urged residents of Chilenje to throw their refuse in designated locations within their area.