FDD needs leadership change-Mutayachalo


THE Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) needs to undergo a radical leadership transformation at all levels if it has to remain relevant to the country’s political spectrum after a disastrous performance in the last general elections, former FDD Copperbelt chairman Yotam Mtayachalo has charged.

In a statement issued yesterday to the Daily Nation, Mr Mtayachalo said that it was his personal view that the political party urgently needed a radical leadership change at all levels of the party structures if it were to remain relevant to the country’s political process after its poor performance in the previous three general elections.

He said that all political party were formed with the aim of forming Government so that it could implement the policies needed to uplift people’s living standards and not simply be a mere spectator or participator in the electoral process.

Mr Mtayachalo has since challenged FDD party leaders to be magnanimous enough and face reality as well as collectively take full responsibility for the failures.

“The performance of the FDD in the last three elections namely; the 2011, 2015 and the recent 2016 general election respectively has been disastrous to say the least and the trend should not continue.

It is in this regard that, as leaders at all levels, we must be magnanimous enough and face the reality and collectively as leaders take full responsibility for the failures,” he said.

He said that one did not need to be a rocket scientist to tell that in its current form, the FDD would not form Government and that it would only remain a pipe dream.

Mr Mtayachalo also advised the party not to bury its head in the sand like an ostrich but that they should instead go back to the drawing board and deal with the shortcomings in a pragmatic manner without fear or favour and stopped pretending that all was well.

Meanwhile, he has called on the party to pay polling agents their money around the country, stating that the issue needed to be handled carefully and seriously as it had the potential to dent the future of the party’s election prospects explaining that unless this was the last time FDD would participate in the general elections. Mr Mtayachalo said that polling agents deserved to be paid their dues for having provided their services despite the party’s dismal performance in the elections as it was not their fault.

He said that the role of polling agents at polling stations was to safeguard the votes and not be campaign managers.

Mr Mtayachalo said that it was sad that some innocent leaders were being harassed, as well as having their property being confiscated and even beaten by those who were polling agents for non-payment of their allowances up to today.