We need to pray for peace- Bishop Masupa


IT IS time to pray for the country’s endless peace and unity and therefore, anything against peace should not be tolerated, says Independent Churches of Zambia (ICOZ) overseer Bishop David Masupa.

President Lungu’s election would enhance national unity and peace in the country because he was the man of action he said.

Bishop Masupa said the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation needed actualisation through action so that the people Zambia could see the enjoyment of the declaration.

The clergyman commended President Lungu for fulfilling his desire and putting into practice his intention to have a peaceful nation, saying his leadership could not be doubted.

He said resident Lungu had shamed the prophets of doom, saying those who doubted him had been proven wrong.

“The President has shamed the prophets of doom because he is living by his words and in that way Zambia shall be saved,” he said. Bishop Masupa said should the intended religious ministry be created, it would show that all Government ministries must work with fear of the Lord in whatever they were doing, saying the Head of State needed support from every Zambian.

He said whoever would head the ministry had a task to unite Zambia, saying it could not be disputed that the country was divided because of the people that had their own agenda.

“This  should ensure Zambians continue to preach love, unity and peace in the country and that should be supported by all well-meaning Zambians regardless of their political affiliation,” he said.

He said, as a Christian nation, Zambia needed proactive intervention of the Church in all matters of national interest.

The clergyman said Zambians must put aside their political affiliations in order to foster development in the nation, by being supportive to the President.