Kenya commends Zambia for free, fair elections

KENYAN vice president William Ruto says Africa is proud of Zambian because the country has demonstrated to the rest of the world that the continent is capable of managing its affairs by conducting free and fair elections in a peaceful environment.

Speaking at a State House luncheon after the inauguration of President Edgar Edgar Lungu yesterday, Mr. Ruto said the 2016 elections in Zambia was another affirmation that Africa was in charge of her destiny.

He said the re-election of President Lungu was a demonstration that he (President Lungu) was capable and  deserved the win adding that Zambians had made Africa proud by upholding the tenets of democracy where people were free to make their choices while their decisions were respected.

“I would like to say congratulations to the people of Zambia for the peaceful manner in which you voted because it is a clear demonstration to the rest of the world that Africa is in charge of its destiny,

“ Zambians, we are very proud of you as Africa because today, you have demonstrated that we are in charge of our people and that democracy is taking root in our continent and that we respect the will of the people,”” he said

He said President Lungu’s call for industrialization resonated well with Africa’s need to move from producing raw materials and exporting them outside the continent without value addition thereby losing more revenue in foreign exchange.

“During your inauguration speech, you said two profound things; you talked about industrialising Zambia as well as industrialising the continent of Africa to address the challenges that we are facing,

“As you are aware, Africa recorded a trade imbalance in its trade with the rest of the world and this means we are sending more money out of this continent than what we are getting into this continent.