It’s all over for UPND

Dear Editor,

Now that it has been done, my advice to HH and GBM is that they should turn to God seriously if their dreams of ruling Zambia will ever come true.

The venom they carried before, during and after elections was just too much to bear. Why they did not just break down nobody knows.

I mean each time one of them opened a mouth, it was insults pouring like a baby’s porridge.

They even went to the extent of rubbishing prayers to ask God for guid-ance. That was a terrible mistake they will live to regret.

So unless they humble themselves and ask God for forgiveness, theirs will be a hard life. This is true in every sense.

They can ignore this advice at their own peril.

Like they say that God’s time is always the best, nobody can force mat-ters.

They forgot that the people who could have taken them to State House were the same Zambians they were assaulting at market places.

I will not dwell on the events in Namwala where Zambians became dis-placed in their own country. That was awful.

I stand to be corrected but I never, for once saw HH smile wherever he went. He was always angry and carried a serious and ferocious face.

Thank the Lord it is all over. God has decided and the best UPND can do is to find another leader who will not use Tonga as the stepping stone.

If this is not done and UPND decides to remain strong in three provinc-es, Southern, Western and North Western, it can as well forget ever rul-ing Zambia because it will always be in minority.

Even the people in these three provinces must be feeling bored and frus-trated for always backing losing horses.

It is time they changed and went for the winners or like UPND, they will be in the background.

Jay Kabemba


Timely distribution of farming inputs welcome

Dear Editor,

The distribution of farming inputs such as seeds and fertilizers should commence early, considering the fact that the rainy season is just around the corner.

The Government through the ministry of agriculture and the quasi institutions such as the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) should start the exercise as quickly as possible.

This will benefit both the peasant farmers and the commercial farmers in an effort to enhance food production.

This is because agriculture is one of the important sectors which can contribute significantly to the economic well-being of the country.  The sole dependence on mining as the case was in the past is not good. This is because minerals are wasting assets which can be depleted due to passage of time.

Apart from that, the price of copper is determined by the forces of demand and supply at the London Metal Exchange (LME). If the demand for copper is high, the country will gain in terms of foreign exchange and the opposite holds true.

Given this scenario, it is inevitable that our Government should put much emphasis on agriculture by distributing farming inputs on time and also by providing incentives to farmers. One of them is by buying farm produce at relatively high price by the Food Reserve Agency.

The early distribution of farming inputs can be facilitated by working on road infrastructure which the current Government is doing.

In conclusion, agriculture, if property harnessed can help in the growth of our economy. Ultimately, this leads to high Growth Domestic Product (GDP).

Elemiya Phiri Lusaka.

Open letter to Hakainde Hichilema

Dear Sir,

At this time in history when millions of people are running away from their home countries to seek refuge in other countries and thousands of innocent people are being killed every day in wars caused by those seeking power at all costs, I, on behalf of the National Opposition Alliance-NOA, our party Zambia Direct Democracy Movement-ZDDM and indeed on my own behalf  wish to appeal to you in the name of Jesus Christ “who is Lord and protector of Zambia” to accept the fact that the outcome of the 2016 election is sealed and that President Edgar Changwa Lungu is President of Zambia whether anybody likes it or not.

The anger we see in you is frightening every peace-loving Zambian as it has the potential of making you resort to desperate moves which can be harmful to all of us because God forbids that any of us.

The fact is that we also feel very angry with the falsehood, passionate tribal hate being fanned by cynical Zambians on social media especially and failure by those in authority to tame these evils which have characterised the last election to this day.

We are of the view that the systematic commercialising of Zambian politics and its being hijacked by extremely greedy and selfish individuals with no national interest at heart is threatening the future of Zambia.

We are also concerned with walls around nearly every Political leader with money power. These greedy and selfish individuals strive on giving wrong information as they fight each other to surround them for personal gain.

Zambia has, as a result, lost direction and been thrown at the mercy of foreign interests which are maximising on the false picture of a tribal division which they have engineered to divide the unsuspecting Zambians.

For most of us who understand the heavily financed regime change schemes at work in nearly all African countries,  we have keenly followed this “divide and rule” strategy which the former colonial masters are using on the continent.

President Nevers Mumba could have still been president of the MMD had he been truthful and honest to us .He must be regretting that he ignored our advice which forced us to travel to Mwinilunga where we launched the call for former president Rupiah Bwezani Banda to come back to active politics.

We are now painfully watching you demonising President Edgar Lungu at every forum and making all kinds of cruel allegations which could have not arisen if those around you bothered to establish the truth on what really happened before, during and after the election.

We fear for the future of Zambia for as long as your party and indeed the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) continues to be blind to the fact that you, as financially strong parties, have created an environment similar to that which existed in Libya shortly before it fell in the pit of self-destruction.

It is extremely important that you as leaders should avoid the dangerous trend of taking the ordinary people for granted and to ignoring our voices because Zambia like Libya face the danger of plunging into the pit of self-destruction which will not spare anybody including you leaders.

Let us learn from what happened in Libya as it is very easy to destroy but extremely difficult to recover peace once lost.

Edwin Sakala

ZDDM President