Nawakwi calls for national reconciliation


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu should reconcile with those that are hurt with the outcome of his election and inauguration because they had their own expectations, Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) President Edith Nawakwi has said.

Ms Nawakwi said, as an opposition, she was part of the solemn occasion of the swearing-in of President Lungu, whom she knew would protect the interest of the people and the Constitution.

She said this during the inauguration ceremony of President Edgar Lungu which was held at the National Heroes Stadium in Lusaka yesterday.

Ms Nawakwi further said the FDD was part of the ceremony as an interested and invited guest because she believed that she still had Zambia as her country and that at a certain point in life people had to let go of certain things no matter how hard one’s feelings would be.

She said that her presence indicated that there was a life beyond politics as all Zambians were one despite political affiliations and tribe.

“We cannot continue to lag behind because we have issues in the famous Dundumwezi, Namwala, Lundazi, Nakonde and other areas. I have issues of the missing Gen 12 but at a certain point you have to let the event take a natural flow and that natural flow is that the country must go on,’’ Ms Nawakwi said.

Meanwhile, Ms Nawakwi urged the PF to have poverty reduction as their major priority.

She said people should be part and parcel of the future because the future did not look behind.

If one continued to look behind, one would be bitter and that bitterness by nature made people to have a blurred vision about the future.

She further urged all political players not to allow elections to be the basis of dividing