Govt to strengthen primary health care systems


By Nation Reporter

HEALTH systems in Zambia will be strengthened using the primary health care approach to offset the burden of non-communicable diseases which are an emerging epidemic, says Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya.

Dr Chilufya said there was need to strengthen health systems in Zambia to ensure that measures aimed at preventing and controlling diseases were fully implemented to lessen the burden of diseases.

He said to promote good health his ministry would ensure disease control and intervention services were escalated.

“Zambia is challenged by the duo burden of disease: non-communicable diseases which are an emerging epidemic and the communicable diseases.

“So in our approach, we are going to strengthen health systems using the primary health care approach. We are going to ensure that prevention and control of diseases take centre stage.

“In order to promote good health, we need to ensure that health promotion services, disease control and intervention services are escalated,” said Dr. Chilufya.

He said there was need for better health service delivery in the country to ensure that Zambians were accorded the best medical services which were only accessible outside the country.

“That will keep our people away from the desire or need for curative services. At the same time, those who will cross the wall and desire curative services, we will continue modernising our health facilities to ensure that we don’t need treatment abroad and that is our strategic goal,” he said.

And Dr. Chilufya paid tribute to the people of Mansa for their unwavering support and the trust they had in him which enabled him to retain the Mansa Central seat.

Dr Chilufya pledged to accelerate development projects in the area.

“This all would not have been possible without the people of Mansa Central. I would like to pay tribute to my supporters in Mansa for their confidence and trust in me and I will reciprocate by ensuring that the development projects are escalated,” he said.