Kitwe councillors get service delivery challenge from marketeers

By Nation Reporter

NEWLY-ELECTED Councillors and management at the Kitwe City Council (KCC) should find better ways of improving sanitation and garbage collection at Chisokone market and the entire Kitwe city centre, says Association of Vendors and Marketeers (AVEMA) president Able Chikwa.

Mr Chikwa said marketeers and vendors in Kitwe expected the newly-elected councillors to address challenges of sanitation and garbage collection at Chisokone market and in the town centre.

He was speaking in an interview in Kitwe ahead of today’s installation of Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe and his councillors.

“While we congratulate His Worship the Mayor of Kitwe Christopher Kang’ombe and his councillors on their election, we would like to hasten to advise them that they have work to do. They have to find better ways of improving sanitation and garbage collection at Chisokone market and in the city centre.

“We would like to see the new crop of councillors setting the stage for service delivery, not wining and dining only. We would not like to see councillors being in the media for scandalous reasons like illegal allocation of land, like the case was with the previous councillors,” Mr Chikwa said.

He also advised councillors to have regard for marketeers and vendors because they were major stakeholders in the running of the city.

He said unlike in the past when council police officers were harassing marketeers and vendors, his association would not take kindly to any form of harassment from the local authority.

“As stakeholders, we also respect dialogue on various issues affecting us and our welfare, therefore if the council think they can push us any time, anyhow as they wish, then our relationship will not go well with them,” he said