President Lungu calls on Cabinet to be resilient, hard working

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has challenged his Cabinet to be resilient, accommodating and embrace compromise and consensus with the people; as hard work was the only yardstick that will guarantee the Patriotic Front (PF’s) stay in power in 2021.

The President said he expected only hard work from those in his Cabinet.

He said those who had been given positions should not think that they were the best but that they were the ones most available to the people they served.

Speaking when he swore in eight Cabinet ministers and 10 provincial ministers at State House yesterday, President Lungu said the challenge ahead was not going to be easy but that he expected his Cabinet to discharge their duties according to the promise the party made to the people.

“You will find antagonism along the way as you go and so yours is to be resilient and accommodating by embracing compromise and consensus along the way so that you bring people along with you.

“It is not easy. I have been there myself before and I know and so, seek solutions from the people. Most of the times we lose our efficacy because of attitude problems; we think we have all the answers, yet not.’’

He said the next five years would determine whether PF would be coming back in 2021 as a political party.

He said Zambians were watching every day and so time for promises and speeches was long gone.

“It is time for us now to work. So, I will not expect anything short of work; less talk, more work,” President Lungu said.

He said the combination of old and the new people and the mix of the old and young members of the Cabinet were good but lamented the failure to achieve the 40 percent women representation that the party desired.

And President Lungu has warned provincial ministers against fighting with traditional leaders, saying the chiefs needed to be respected because they had a role to play and deserved to be treated as partners and allies in development.

“So, I don’t want to get reports of you being offensive towards traditional leaders in your communities and provinces. Embrace them. You can differ with the traditional leaders but you have to humble yourselves and seek common ground so that you work with the people,” he said.

He said the youths that he had appointed should prove that youth could add value to the political arena.