‘We want Lungu to start working now’


THE inauguration of President Edgar Lungu has cheered some Lusaka residents who have charged that its delay had inconvenienced them in many ways and that they were now free to go about their businesses as usual.

The residents said that the businesses of most people had been on a standstill after the election because of the UPND petition which some said was intended to delay the country’s development.

Joyce Lukwesa, a resident of Kanyama, said that Tuesday’s inauguration ceremony was an indication that the country now had a Government in place and that people could get on with their lives.

Ms. Lukwesa said the petition which delayed the ceremony also led to a standstill of businesses because people concentrated more on the outcome of the petition and what the future of the country was going to be.

‘’We are just happy that the President and his vice have be sworn-in after a month of wrangles and court issues over the outcome of the elections and now people can go back to doing their daily duties,’’ she said.

Mr Ronald Banda of Matero called on the sworn-in President to ensure that he worked on addressing all the issues affecting the Zambian people, especially the youths.

Mr. Banda said that President Lungu and Vice President Inonge Wina were re-elected by the Zambians because they have confidence in them and as such they should work towards improving the lives of the people.

He said the Patriotic Front government has been given another five-year mandate to serve the Zambian people and they should do it diligently and without fail.

Mr. Banda said the President and his vice have a responsibility of delivering all their campaign promises to the people.

‘’What we want for us here in Matero is to see the President get to work as soon as possible so that we can start driving the country forward. Zambia is in a hurry to develop and we do not need any more delays, so it is important that the President makes his Cabinet and they get to work in good time,’’ he said.