Court hears how Litebele died after night out with wife


THE Lusaka High Court has heard how a Lusaka banker allegedly shot her husband five times during a matrimonial dispute when both arrived home in the wee hours of the morning after a night out.

This is in a matter in which Precious Longwe Litebele is charged with one count of murdering her husband, Akakanda Litebele, also a banker, on May 25 this year.

A witness, Lipimile Litebele, brother to the deceased, told the court that on the material day, he visited his brother’s house in Woodlands and later left after Akakanda called him to join him at the Jazz Club in Long Acres.

Lipimile explained that he joined his brother at the club but decided to leave the place after a few minutes and left his brother there whom he later met at Times Café around 21:00 hours.

His brother and friends were taking Castle Lite while he was taking some mineral water and that he (Lipimile) was the one who paid the bill and later decided to go to Chez Ntemba where they met Precious, his brother’s wife.

Lipimile added that while at Chez Ntemba, Akakanda looked disturbed and unhappy because Precious had refused to go home with them. They later decided to go home and left Precious in the club in the company of her friends.

Lipimile said he and Akakanda arrived home after midnight and both went to sleep but that later between 02:00 and 03:00 hours, he heard Precious’ voice sounding very aggressive and he thought that she was being followed by thieves and that he later heard gunshots.

He quickly left his room and found Precious holding a gun and she shouted to him that “This is a real gun, namupaya brother wako (I have shot dead your brother) and I will shoot you too.’’ Lipimile told the court that he pleaded with his sister-in-law to put down the gun so that he could try and save his brother by taking him to the hospital but she refused.

She later dropped the gun and he picked it up and quickly went to see his brother who was struggling to breathe and that he rushed to report the matter to Woodlands police station who later picked Precious and arrested her.

Another witness, Thressa Chilufya, a maid, told the court that on the material day, Precious went for work and later came home around 17:00 hours with her friends to change her clothes and later went out.

Ms Chilufya said Mr Litebele came home around 01: 00 hours but that Precious did not come with her husband. She added that later around 03: 00 hours, Precious arrived home by taxi                                                                                                 and told her she was free to go home because it was a holiday that day.

She asked Precious why she had to knock off at that hour but she insisted that she must go home and wash for her kids.

Ms Chilufya said she left by a taxi and to her surprise the police called her later to ask what had happened at her employers’ house.

Judge Sharon Newa adjourned the matter to a later date.