CSOs urged to join war against climate change


GOVERNMENT has urged Civil Society Organisations (CSO) to assist in developing ways of dealing with climate change which has affected Zambia especially in the agriculture and energy sectors.

Ministry of Lands and National Resources and Environmental Protection chief environment management officer Richard Lungu said Government realized the need for CSOs in the fight against climate change as they created awareness and capacity building among the public.

Mr Lungu was speaking at a youth/CSO workshop on Paris climate agreement and the 2015 sustainable development goals in Lusaka.

“Government has realized that climate change issues cannot just be handled by Government alone, but need the help from CSOs.  Government has, therefore, developed a national climate change policy which is aimed at providing a roadmap for dealing with climate change issues.

“It is also important for CSOs to come up with recommendations which will give guidance to Government with regard to climate change,” he said.

And CSO representative Abel Musumali observed the need to ensure that climate change issues were taken seriously and as a top priority.

Mr Musumali said CSO was aware of the adverse effects brought about by climate especially in areas of agriculture and energy.