Kalaba calls on ministry staff to work hard

FOREIGN Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba has called for cooperation and hard work from officers in the ministry in projecting the country to the outside world as they are the first link between Zambia and the international community.

Speaking when he met workers from the ministry yesterday, Mr. Kalaba said there was no time to waste on issues that did not benefit that country but challenged the workers to direct and galvanise their energies towards economic emancipation of the country by projecting a good image to the rest of the world.

He said time for politicking was long gone and that the Patriotic Front (PF’s) victory was a victory for all Zambians which the ministry should serve fervently.

“We have just come from a very excruciating election in which the PF emerged victorious but at the end of the day there is no vanquished, there is no winner. it’s the people of Zambia who have won and the elections have passed so we need to make progress.

“In this ministry the politics we know are the politics to ensure that the Zambia’s relationship with other countries is enhanced and all of us in our various departments should ensure that we raise the Zambia flag high. We are part of the wider community and we are the first of Zambia to the international community and so we should endeavour always to put in our very best,” Mr. Kalaba said.

He said he was going to have a huge task especially that there will be no deputy minister to attend to other duties and that his success will be underlined by the contribution of all workers irrespective of the department they represented.

“I know it will be quiet tasking for me especially that we will not have deputy ministers in place; it will have to be me (attending to) foreign assignments, here and everywhere and for me to succeed, and for President Lungu to succeed, you people will have to be versatile; you will need to put in extra work and I am supremely confident that you will still manage to put in that required input because you have done it before because that is who you are; hard work is what defines you.

“We have to ensure that Zambia’s image continues to be highly accentuated even very highly. there are a lot things happening in the ministry which some of you already know and I am here to assure you that the same way we worked last time is the same way we will work now and my office will remain a free area which you can visit and I will take time to meet each one of you so that I can hear you. We should all feel comfortable wherever we are working,” he said.

He warned the employees against complacency saying each one of them will have to work hard but assured them that he valued all of them and that nothing will change with his reappointment to the ministry.

“We don’t want to waste time, there is no minute that should be wasted but we must use each minute to the emancipation of this country and prosperity and so, be part of the crusade, be part of the work. If you support my office, you are supporting the Republican President and the agenda to take Zambia to greater heights so please, be part and parcel of this crusade,” he said.