Mufumbwe chiefs call on Zambians to rally behind Lungu


TRADITIONAL leaders in Mufumbwe district of North Western Province have called on Zambians to rally behind the re-election of President Edgar Lungu.

The traditional leaders included

Senior Chief Mushima Mubambe of the Kaonde speaking people of Mushima, Chief Mukumbi Kizera of the Kaonde speaking people of Chizela, and chief Munyambala Yamakwakwa of the Kaonde speaking people of Munyambala in Mufumbwe.

Speaking on behalf of the chiefs in Mufumbwe yesterday, Chief Munyambala said time had come for all Zambians to accept the decision made by the electorate during the August 11 general elections.

Chief Munyambala said the country needed to heal and move forward to effectively undertake programmes that would benefit every citizen.

“We need to be united now as a country and move forward. We must begin to look at the needs of the people and how best we can take this nation to greater heights,” the chief said.

Chief Munyambala stated that chiefs will continue offering unwavering leadership and guidance to politicians on matters affecting the nation.

He implored people to practice the One Zambia One Nation motto to foster peace and unity in Zambia.

“We as chiefs will always be ready to offer advice and guidance to the leadership of our country. We must never forget the One Zambia One Nation motto if we are to maintain this peace we have enjoyed as a country for years,” he said.