Jobless man dragged to court for child maintenance

AN unemployed man has been dragged to court in Lusaka by his lover for child maintenance.

This is in a case in which Memory Kalimanshi, 21, of Garden House compound, sued Mallon Matanda, 25, of the same compound for child maintenance.

Kalimanshi told Senior Court Magistrate Lewis Mumba sitting with Magistrate Abbishine Michelo at Kanyama Local Court that Matanda was her boyfriend and that they have a daughter together who was two years and one month old.

Kalimanshi said that since the child was born in 2014 Matanda had failed to maintain her.

In defence, Matanda said that he was still paying the K2,000 damage he was charged by Kalimanshi’s parents.

He explained that he told Kalimanshi that he would be paying maintenance any time he got himself a job since he was presently out of employment.

Matanda however said he was managing  to buy  washing powder for his child while his parents were helping him pay the K2,000 damage.

He said he was not denying the responsibility but he was surprised that Kalimanshi’s father came to shout at him and subsequently her brothers beat him up.

Magistrate Mumba said that Matanda was still young but the law demanded that he had a responsibility of maintaining a child he brought into the world.

He ordered him to be paying child maintenance fee of K200 per month and to pay for the child’s medicals and education. He gave Matanda access to his child.