Sexually starved wife forces hubby to make love to her


THERE was laughter in a Lusaka local court when a woman who was denied conjugal rights for four years said that she was surprised that her husband was on family planning when it was supposed to be herself and that she had to force him to make love to her to conceive their last child.

This is in a case in which Astridah Zulu, 37, of Lilanda compound sued her husband, Evans Zulu, 40, a welder, for reconciliation. The two got married in 2000 and have five children. Dowry was not paid.

Astridah told Senior Court Magistrate Pauline Newa sitting with Magistrate Miyanda Banda at Matero Local Court that she was surprised that in 2012 Zulu stopped making love to her and that when she asked him why he would tell her to go and sleep with any man on the street as long as he did not know.

She explained that  their last child was four years old, adding that  one time when she badly needed sex she had to lock up Zulu inside the house and forced him to make love to her.

Astridah said she was surprised to hear Zulu tell her her that he was on family planning when it was herself who was supposed to be on that programme.

Mrs Zulu said that she once brought condoms home after she was advised but they never used them because Zulu could not make love to her.

In defence, Zulu said that Astridah was lying because if he was not making love to her they could not have children.

Asked by the court when was the last time they made love, Zulu said that it was in August.

In submission, Astridah however changed her mind and said that she did want to reconcile with Zulu.

Magistrate Newa said that there was no marriage but they were just cohabiting because dowry was not paid. She dismissed the case of reconcilliation.