Women’s Lobby Group exposed



It is interesting that the Women’s Lobby Group is now demanding an equitable share of ministerial positions in the PF government when they campaigned against the party in the recent elections based on the differing political ideologies. Suppose their wish is granted whose ideology are they going to propagate in implementing government policies? These inconsistencies and political dishonesty puts their integrity to question. Please, let His Excellency the President work with those he is comfortable with. Long live Zambia!

Z.P. Mwachilele




Double standards in the Women Lobby group shocking


I personally look forward to more quality women representation in leadership but that must be based on merit and hard work to get to the top. Gender should not be a qualification but meritocracy must be the yardstick. Where were the women Lobby Groups when fellow female politicians were called names, insulted and even beaten in Namwala and elsewhere? They say an injustice to one is an injustice to all. Your silence spoke volumes. Only those who work for something should be rewarded not by standards.

Concerned citizen



Congratulations President Lungu


Congratulations to the President for all Zambians on your inauguration. God has given you another mandate to serve his people of Zambia. God bless you.

Danny street vendor, Kulima Tower




Watch those busy political bodies


While the President said he will appoint a true and reconciliatory committee to heal the alleged tribal reprisals arising from the recent elections, some busy bodies, arguably, are filing the same cause in a foreign court. How does that help with national reconciliation?

Eric Nawa, Chongwe



President should make changes in police



Now that the President is in office, I urge him to make changes in the police Service. The police failed the nation during the election period. Most of the UPND cadres broke every rule in the book and the police just watched helplessly. Things could have been worse. Let him read the Police Riot Act.

Disappointed citizen,Lusaka




Truth is the root of being honest


A person who votes distinctly remembers fully well what they were being promised during campaign days. Time has clearly struck for PF and its MP’s throughout Zambia. We were promised better roads, schools and bridges in rural areas. We are not interested in words but works. Do not ignore important issues like roads, bridges and schools in your constituencies and districts. Be caring and responsible to create development in Zambia. We are hoping for the best from PF.

Jones Kalumbi

Muyombe Sanga School, Mafinga




Congratulations Mr. Davis Mwila


Congratulations Mr. Davis Mwila on your appointment as the new secretary general for PF. We would like to see you getting down to real work to continue shaping the party without fear and favour. I am hoping to see that you can recommend some names to the central committee. Some former councilors who have served five years, who helped form government in 2011.

Macbride Sekeleti



Ex-Kapiri council retirees cry for their money



Mr. President, kindly intervene in the matter in which former council employees have turned into destitutes due to non-payment of their dues dating as far back as 2007. Some former employees have since died leaving behind widows and orphans. It is next to impossible to send children to school because of lack of funds.

God bless you. Henry Ngoma