‘UPND sponsored WP confusion’


SOME Barotse activists were allegedly sponsored by the opposition UPND top officials to bring confusion in Western Province before and during the August 11 elections, the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) political wing leader Muyunda Makala has revealed.

Mr Makala said he was aware that the UPND wanted to give an impression that the people of Western Province were against the PF when they knew the games they were playing were meant to intimidate people.

Mr Makala cautioned the Barotse Freedom National Alliance over their agenda to work against the BRE’s desire to engage in dialogue with the Government on issues regarding the Barotse Agreement of 1964.

“What more do they want when the Government has taken a step with the Barotse Royal Establishment to resolve the pending issues?

“But we are very much aware that the opposition UPND was using tactics to blindfold the people, and using activists to rise against the BRE,” he said.

Mr Makala stressed that BFNA had no mandate to represent the people of Barotseland or determine the future of Barotseland because it was an ‘‘illegitimate’’ organisation, not referred to in the Barotseland Agreement or the Barotse National Council (BNC) of March, 2012.

“The BFNA is not a genuine freedom movement as they claim, but instead has turned itself into a political tool funded to bring anarchy and confusion in Barotseland, and not the welfare of Barotseland.

“We are aware some people signed agreements to advocate the campaign to bring confusion, hence oppose whatever steps to resolve the issue at hand,” he said.

Mr Makala said the only people who had the right and mandate to represent the Barotse people was the Litunga and his council, saying they were the only recognised Barotse authorities and rulers since 1900 when King Lewanika started signing concessions and agreements with the British government and the British South African Company.

He said it was not fair for any grouping to discourage people to belong to any political party of their choice.

“Everyone has the right to freedom of speech, association and freedom to form political parties, associations or clubs without necessarily holding each other to a particular view or opinion,” he said.

Mr Makala rubbished the statements by the BNFA disassociating themselves and the people from congratulating and supporting the re-election of President Edgar Lungu.

He said the BNFA’s view did not represent all the people of Western Province, but only those with the agenda to destabilize the nation to please their sponsors.

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  1. Makala needs to have his head examined. As an individual,I do not think that he is normal. Neba kona kubata kuca buungululwa bobuwa kwa tafule ya Samalama Papalaza Ndalabangwana haki cwana. The BNC of 2012 decided. Why does the fool still talk about restoration of the BA64? Does he think hasa busiwi ki maBemba washwa? Why do stupid people like him like to be colonised when it is time to be free and independent? The badger needs to go back into the rocks and dwell there. Let civilised people determine what suits them best!

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