Agriculture, tourism will grow economy, says French envoy

GOVERNMENT should speed up the diversification process into agriculture and tourism as it would help the country deal with the current economic challenges it is facing, says French Ambassador to Zambia

Emmanuel Cohet.

Mr Cohet said in an interview that the current economic challenges called for speeding up the diversification process which Government had already
embarked on.

He commended President Lungu for indicating that Government would continue concentrating on the diversification programme during his address at the inauguration in Lusaka.

“The most important thing mentioned by the President during his address was the need for diversifying the economy.

“Diversification process has already been engaged, but now there is need to speed up the whole process, that is agriculture, tourism, ICT and
industrialisation,” he said.

Mr Cohet said diversifying the economy would promote competitiveness of Zambia on the market while stabilising it.

“Zambia needs to invest more in education and other important areas that have challenges and also make the economy more competitive and more
stable,” he said.

The ambassador also called for reconciliation between
Government and the opposition through dialogue.

He said reconciliation was cardinal for continued economic development.

“First, I would like to congratulate President Edgar Lungu on his inauguration. I think for Zambia, in the coming days, needs reconciliation between old political forces. Zambia needs more unity which can only be attained through dialogue,” he said