American church welcomes Lungu

By Wallen Simwaka in New York

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu yesterday was among the New York congregants when he went to worship at the Saint Bartholomew’s Church at which Rev Dr Robert Dannals preached against the spirit of arrogance and hatred which he said is infecting the hearts of many including politicians.

Rev Dr Dannals, the interim Rector of Bartholomew’s Church eulogised President Lungu for having appointed the first female Vice-President in the history of the country and said Zambia had remained a trend setter in many respects including democracy.

He  said in his sermon that humanity should strive to
acquire gifts of authenticity and compassion,  virtues which he said encouraged honesty among societies.

He preached that authenticity and compassion were virtues that did not promote deceit but natured the spirit of honesty and kindness even for people whose occupation was to
slander others.

“We reduce our vision to provide the best to our communities if we are going to refuse to forgive those who slander us. We must speak kindly when we are slandered if we have to receive the gifts of authenticity and

“ What kind of people will the world need and what kind of leadership will the next generation yearn for? Let us be straight forward, be honest. Compassion and authenticity have no deceit,” Rev Dr Dannals said in his

Rev Dr Dannals said his Church would closely follow the leadership of President Lungu who had demonstrated respect for the female gender as a partner in development. He  jokingly said that the US was having problems with the candidates for the November elections.

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