Cite M’membe for contempt-PF


FRED M’membe should be cited for contempt of court for insulting the judiciary so that he can prove his allegations that the system is corrupt, lacks competence and is politically compromised, Patriotic Front (PF) legal counsel Tutwa Ngulube has charged.

And PF deputy chairperson for Elections Kelvin Bwalya Fube said he was appalled at the statement by Mr. Hichilema and that Mr. M’membe and his cohorts should not cry foul in an event that the same judges he was demonising refused to hear their cases.

Commenting on yesterday’s editorial comment in the Post newspaper in which the tabloid alleged that the country did not have a credible judiciary as it lacked capacity, competence, and integrity and that judges were corrupt, Mr. Ngulube said the Post was creating a fallacy to hoodwink the Zambians into believing that the judicial system in Zambia was compromised because Mr. M’membe was still in illusion that he could still hold the country to ransom like he allegedly did previously.

He said the editorial comment in yesterday’s Post newspaper bordered on gross contempt of court and was unfair, inaccurate and highly misplaced because the judicial system in Zambia was one of the best in the commonwealth and wondered why Mr. M’membe and his ally Mutembo Nchito rushed to the same judiciary for protection over their failure to settle debt and consolidating their positions if the same system was corrupt and not credible.

He said there was supposed to be correlation between lawyers and judges in their quest to interpret and adjudicate over legal matters and mete justice, and wondered that a person of Mr. M’membe’s character, who was a qualified lawyer, could sink so low to start attacking the same system to which he was part.

“Mr. M’membe’s action is grossly contemptuous, unfair and inaccurate, and does not befit a person who calls himself a lawyer because lawyers and judges belong to the same system where they offer justice but if lawyers start attacking judges, then that becomes a serious issue if other people take up the issue and compel institutions like the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) to take it up,” Mr. Ngulube said.

And Mr. Fube challenged Mr. M’membe not only to make sweeping and flamboyant statements aimed as selling the newspaper by generalising judicial shortcomings but name the corrupt elements he has seen in the judiciary.

“I will advise Mr. M’membe that if he has to make flamboyant statements in order to sell his paper, then he should just keep quiet. If he cannot substantiate his allegations with evidence, he should just shut up! As a paper lawyer, we expected him to understand basic principles of contempt of court but with the way he is coming out, it is clear that when the lecture on contempt was going on, it is either he was sleeping or he was thinking of journalism,” Mr. Fube said.

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  1. Point of correction Mr Fube,Membe has taken Zambia for granted he has a contempt by continueing publishing the Post Newspaper in addition to what you have said.why let this bugger on the loose

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