Mwakalombe wants trading facilities for street vendors

Mwakalombe wants trading facilities for street vendors

STREET Vendors cannot be forced out of the streets before government creates trading facilities for them, says Lusaka Province Minister Japhen Mwakalombe.

Mr Mwakalombe, who is PF Chongwe Member of Parliament, said that despite the issue of street vending getting out of control in Zambia, vendors could not be forced out of the streets before Government found a solution for them.

He said that he would work with the Ministry of Local Government to find designated areas where the traders could be moved to by making sure that such areas had ablution blocks, washrooms, good trading stands and litter bins.

Mr Mwakalombe said that once trading facilities were created it would be easier for Government through other stakeholders to convince the traders to relocate to their designated trading areas.

He said Government was still trying to find solutions to the street vending and would also have a chat with traders on the streets on the issue of keeping their areas clean.

Meanwhile, Lusaka Mayor Wilson Kalumba has pledged to work with the newly appointed Minister in making sure he changes the face of Lusaka City.

Mr Kalumba said they would be done through building modern markets and communities so that traders did not have to go to central business district to conduct their businesses.

He further said that he would regulate designated market streets where trading would be allowed for trading.

Mr Kalumba said he would make sure that the Lusaka City Council (LCC) introduced sufficient number of trash bins around where people could depose litter.

He would also introduce by-laws to make sure that those throwing litter anyhow were legally punished.

He said residents and business houses would be required to paint their premises  so that the surroundings were taken care of.