Nevers is misguided, says Fube


Nevers Mumba is wasting his time talking about the former Cabinet ministers paying back their salaries because the issue has been discussed and agreed upon, Patriotic Front deputy chairperson for Elections Kelvin Bwalya Fube has said.

Mr Bwalya said the issue of ministers paying back their salaries after the Constitutional Court ruling which ordered ministers to pay back their salaries as they were supposed to vacate offices after Parliament was dissolved was discussed and that ministers were just  awaiting for a formal demand in terms of amounts owed which were to be paid back.

He further said Dr. Mumba should note that there was no political capital that could be made out of that.

Mr Bwalya was reacting to Dr. Mumba’s demands quoted on social media of having said that ministers should pay back their illegal salaries and other emoluments they had drawn when they illegally stayed in office after the dissolution of Parliament.

But Mr Bwalya has said, Dr. Mumba’s claims that President Lungu’s stay in office was illegal when he’s election was petitioned by the UPND president Hakainde Hichilema the Constitution was very clear that the Speaker would only take over office in the event that there was a run off.

He further said Dr. Mumba must leave legal matters to competent people who were the lawyers because he was not competent to offer an opinion on such points.

“The President remained in office legally.  I challenge Dr. Mumba to state and demonstrate the illegality that he is referring to because talking for the sake of making political mileage without evidence is totally misguided,” Mr Bwalya said.

Meanwhile, PF Lawyer Tutwa Ngulube said it had become very clear that Dr. Mumba had become so desperate that he could utter any statement.

Mr Ngulube, who is also PF Kabwe Central Member of Parliament, advised the clergyman that before making a statement, he should take time to reflect on whose behalf the statement was made.

He further stated that as far as he was concerned Dr. Mumba had no authority to issue statements on behalf of anybody let alone on matters that were in court.

Mr Ngulube added that the Constitutional Court did not say that the salaries which were paid to the ministers were stolen or that the President was supposed to leave state house.

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