UPND prophets of doom-PF


THE United Party for National Development (UPND) have now turned themselves into prophets of doom by hoodwinking Zambians to believe that our economy will not improve after realising that their myopic and self-praise for their economist failed to win him an election, Patriotic Front (PF) deputy spokesperson Frank Bwalya has charged.

Commenting on Douglas Syakalima’s comments that hard times have just begun under the PF government because it was clueless about managing an economy, Mr. Bwalya said the UPND was bitter that they were beaten by the PF in the just ended election, yet they were using the same story of the economy as their main campaign theme.

He said the UPND thought de-campaigning the PF using the economy would win them votes especially that the country was going through some torrid times due to the global economic turbulence that had an adverse effect even on big economies but that Zambians did not listen to them because they understood the basics of economics.

“They were so myopic that for the country to come out of its economic challenges, it needed an economist to be president and they centred their message on Mr. Hichilema fixing the challenges we had as a country and were oblivious to the fact that even major economies across the world had not been doing well but Zambians are not simplistic in understanding and therefore, did not vote for them.

“We are, therefore, not surprised that they are still talking about the same because that was their hope for winning an election but Zambians did not listen to them. They have now turned themselves into prophets of doom and will continue making wild allegations about the economy because that was their hope for survival while they projected Mr. Hichilema as a saviour for the country. Zambians showed them that their candidate was only successful at failing,” Mr. Bwalya said.