West donors to sponsor new daily newspaper


A CONSORTIUM of donors is planning to set up a daily newspaper in Zambia using a disgruntled former news editor.

The donors are said to have already acquired a building from which to set up the organisation and renovation works are currently underway after five companies which were renting the premises were evicted by the new owners soon after the transaction was concluded two weeks ago.

The donors are said to have purchased the property on plot number 10545 off Lumumba Road and operations are likely to start as soon as the renovations are concluded.

A check by the Daily Nation found renovation works in progress with the company contracted to carry out works replacing doors, ceiling boards, and fixing the broken systems while tenants moved their belongings to meet their deadline for vacating the premises.

Some of the tenants talked to said they had no alternative but to leave the premises because the named former editor had been making constant threats for the past two weeks for them to vacate the premises because he had “acquired” the property.

The sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the former news editor from a defunct newspaper told them that those who would not manage to move their properties such as non-runner vehicles within a day would be charged K10 per day until they vacated the premises.

“Two weeks ago, he came here and talked to some of our seniors that we needed to vacate this place because he had bought it from the owners of this place. They negotiated with him and he (the news editor) allowed us to continue renting this place but he came back recently and told us we have to leave this place immediately. He came to remind us that he doesn’t want to see anyone here because he will come to lock this place for renovations.

“He has even told us that these vehicles which are parked here which will not be moved by tomorrow will be charged K10 per day for parking space. The information we have is that he has ganged up with some people and they want to open a new newspaper,” one of the sources said