Zambia needs moral rearmament – ZDDM


THERE is an urgent need for Zambia to have a moral code of conduct which is in line with the traditional and Christian values, Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) president Edwin Sakala has said.

Mr Sakala said while his party greatly appreciated the tireless efforts the Government was making to develop the country, it believed that there was an urgent need for the nation to restore its moral values which were in line with the traditional and Christian beliefs.

“The Zambian society as a matter of priority needs a moral rearmament based on making the country a truly Christian nation,” he said.

He said Zambians must be helped to love and protect their country first because other things like power and democracy were like “necklaces” which could easily be discarded as they came second.

Mr Sakala said the breakdown of social values which were the foundation stone of society must be corrected before the nation lost its natural resources which God had blessed Zambia with.

Mr Sakala said the spirit of nationalism and patriotism must be restored, adding that the future of Zambia must not continue to be driven or dominated by selfish and greedy interests.

Mr Sakala said ‘‘this moral rearmament should cut through the whole society starting from the children to political leaders by enacting laws and national programmes which will help restore our traditional and Christian moral values’’.

“Zambia, as a Christian nation, let us guard against some of the rights which are in conflict with our culture and biblical principles,” he said.