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We are not given to fabricating stories neither are we purveyors of half-truths, innuendo and calumny.

Ours is the noble task of being a balanced, professional and reliable media for the dissemination of the truth.

That is why we are greatly disturbed when the entire UPND engages in a campaign to discredit the stories we published about its vice president Canisius Banda and his demand for a convention.

Instead of dealing with the matter, the Party has gone into denial claiming that we were malicious with an agenda to strike a wedge between the two vice-presidents namely GBM and Canisius.

We have absolutely no interest in such a scheme and would certainly not take partisan position.  Our role is to report actualities, however, unpleasant and perhaps irritating as they may be.

The issue of a convention for the UPND is a matter that members are discussing and any attempt to gag members will not work because the constitution of the party has very specific stipulations which unless changed will require that President HH hands over power to the candidate that will stand in 2021.

The 2016 elections are done and dusted.  The UPND has itself to blame for embracing malevolent forces that brought thousands to cast an emphatic vote against the cartel and PF team B.

This was a self-inflicted injury that had a calamitous effect that the top leadership of the UPND should have braced themselves for instead of apportioning blame to the media, electoral authorities and all and sundry.

Journalism is a noble profession and unfortunately sociopaths have invaded the field and the measure of professionalism has not only degenerated but has been compromised to the extent that the quarks and champions of hate speech are now held up as models of the profession.

It is not the place of the media to serve as active political agitators.  On the contrary the media must serve the greater interest of its audience by informing their social, political and economic interaction and in the process set and establish best practice principles.

Our country more than ever before requires a determination of spirit, purpose and initiative to surmount the mammoth economic strictures which unless well handled could very easily drag the nation into the abyss.

The combination of natural phenomenon such as drought and international economic phenomenon such as commodity price down turn will continue to play havoc with any economic programmes, hence the need for focus direction and indeed understanding of the Zambian population as difficult measures are implemented to address the negative effects of adjustment.

Clearly, the purveyors of hate speech will denounce and undermine these measures in the hope of winning cheap political mileage and readership.

These machinations must be seen for what they are – vain attempts to demoralize, undermine and therefore, derail any recovery programmes.

There is no substitute to hard work, sacrifice and determination and it is the role of the media to bridge the gap between the public and the leadership.

This is the role we are playing and political gamesmanship.

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