Recruitment of staff in private universities


Thank you for offering me space in your tabloid. My concern is, how the recruitment is being done in the mushrooming colleges and universities. Is it the same lecturers going round these institutions because no advertisements are done, yet people are deployed under unclear circumstances?


Concerned teacher in Nyimba



Shopping malls blessing to Zambia


Sentiments from some sections of society denouncing and underrating the essence of shopping malls that are being erected in many parts of the country are ill-conceived and misplaced. These shopping malls should be taken as bait, catalyst and a stimulant that should provoke the industrialisation programmes of many sectors of our industry to international standards. Adequate and appropriate legislations should be put in place to compel most foreign owned chain stores to stock a large proportion of locally made goods. Our local manufacturers should respond positively to these malls but they need incentives from government. Why allow these chain stores to bring goods that can e made here, after all, the majority of the consumers they are targeting are Zambians who are used to consume Zambian made goods all their life.

Jones.R, Kafue


Coverage of ECL inauguration by ZNBC pathetic


I concur with Adeodatus Matafwali, that the coverage of Edgar Lungu inauguration was disappointing. ZNBC, please avoid your microphones wherever possible when you are covering live proceedings. You didn’t do us any good at all. Look at Mulungushi International Conference Centre during elections, freedom statue during Labour Day and women’s day etc. We don’t need your running commentaries. Let the people at home see and hear everything. All you need to do is improve on your camera work vis-à-vis picture quality and positioning.  



ECL, Dununa again!


First of all, thanks to God for giving us a wonderful man as a leader. Mr. Lungu, I salute you. Well done! I have nothing much to say but I will always pray for you, your family and that God gives you more wisdom on how to develop the nation.




Blessed Lungu!


Zambians, it is now shown that President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is a blessed leader and should be supported.


Mpeta Inyanide,




PF membership procedure unhealthy


The new PF secretary general says he will enforce discipline to all party members but PF will welcome anybody who walks in their footsteps without any membership cards. How will the SG identify the indisciplined elements posing as PF members? Perhaps the Registrar of Societies should explain.


Eric Nawa, Chongwe


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