Why is HH against inquiry?


UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema’s objection to the institution of a commission of inquiry into the post-election violence which characterised the party’s strongholds is testament of a guilty mind, Patriotic Front (PF) media team member Sunday Chanda has charged.

Commenting on Mr. Hichilema’s statement that the commission of inquiry was politically motivated, Mr. Chanda said no individual could object to an undertaking that sought to bring to the limelight what transpired and find solutions to curb its reoccurrence, adding that Mr. Hichilema was aligning himself to wrong doing even before the inquiry was opened.

He said it was sad that Mr. Hichilema had rubbished such an important undertaking few days after his vice president for administration Geoffrey Mwamba welcomed the move, saying such contradictory statements from the top-most leadership showed that the UPND never had consensus on a number of issues.

He said the fact that more atrocities were committed in the UPND strongholds and its leader’s subsequent denial of such an important undertaking as part of national healing showed that the party prescribed the violent scenes witnessed in Southern Province and many other parts of the country where the opposition political party had its heavy presence.

He said if Mr. Hichilema knew he was innocent, he would have welcomed the post-election violence inquiry like others had done, adding that the UPND’s continued warnings of violence if it lost elections even before a single vote was cast and Mr. Hichilema’s warning of Armageddon had manifested themselves before, during and after the elections.

He said the blood of innocent people that was shed as a result of UPND’s recklessness and its sheer desperation to win political power cannot go unpunished and that whoever instigated violence in the country should face the wrath of the law, adding that Mr. Hichilema should be the first person to welcome the inquiry since he was always playing the victim to violence and blaming the ruling party.

“What does Armageddon means? We all know that it does not mean peace and tranquillity. It has to do with bloodshed and people fleeing for their lives like the situation was in Namwala and well-meaning leaders should be seen to demand for an inquiry so that the truth can come out and those who will be found wanting are punished and the fact that Mr. Hichilema is against such a move proves that he has a guilty mind.

“Zambians must be happy that they did not hand the instruments of power unto his hands because no responsible government can sit idle in the wake of the violence that happened in Zambia before, during and after the elections. Mr. Hichilema was cautioned time and again by international agencies in the diplomatic circles over violence but he chose to ignore the calls,” Mr. Chanda said.

He said that the fact that Mr. Hichilema failed to show the moral courage to stop the violence perpetrated by his cadres could be an indication that he was not against barbaric activities that left the country and the whole world in awe.