Human rights activist supports violence  inquiry move


By Nation Reporter

A HUMAN rights activist in Ndola Philimon Phiri has  welcome the establishment of an inquiry commission to establish the causes of post-election violence in some parts of Zambia

Mr Phiri said it was important for Zambia to know what  promoted political violence prior, during and after elections in the country.

Mr. Phiri, who is executive director for Age Justice however regretted that the criminal justice in Zambia had loopholes which must be worked on.

He it was clear that a good number of political leaders did engage in political violence and it was only right that they were made to answer for the crimes they committed.

“It will be unfair to book unemployed youths used to penetrate the violence and leave out the big fish that were behind the crime,

“What happened in the just ended elections is unbelievable and never witnessed in this country before. It was like in the old cha cha cha days when freedom fighters were at war for independence against the colonial masters,” he said

He said as a country, there was need to get to the root of what occurred because the perpetrators did not have respect for the laws.

He said it was mostly women, children and the physically challenged who felt the brunt of political violence.

Mr. Phiri said it was now necessary to provide such groups with effective protection from violence, and to give clear message to perpetrators of violence that they would be punished according to the law.

He said once perpetrators of violence were brought to book, it would bring about sanity in the national political landscape.

He expressed hope that the commission of inquiry with representatives from different disciplines would not be biased but set a precedent for the country.