Luanshya councillors warned against breaching oath of office


By Nation Reporter

Luanshya Town Clerk Moses Mwelwa has warned ward councillors who were recently elected to office not to breach the oath of office.

Mr Mwelwa said breaching the oath by the elected civic leaders would attract serious consequences including the removal from office.

He said the declaration made by councillors was significant that they were committed to open and accountable participation in the management of the local authority.

Mr Mwelwa said the oath undertaken by the councillors entailed that they should at all times work for the people in their respective wards without fear or favour and in accordance with the Constitution.

He said it was now a constitutional requirement for councillors-elect to take oath of office before undertaking the duties of the office of the councillor in the municipality.

Mr Mwelwa said the taking of oath by the councillors marked the commencement of their five year tenure of office and there was need for the elected councillors to deliver their campaign promises to the people.

The Town Clerk said it was important that the councillors had taken the oath of office for them to familiarise themselves with the provisions of the Constitution, the Local Government Act, the standing orders and other laws.

And councillor for Kansengu ward, Elizabeth Mulenga, said in an interview that she would ensure that the street lights were worked on.

Ms Mulenga said after a successful meeting with the ward development committee (WDC) it was decided that the most important project that should be worked on immediately was street lighting.

She said once the street lights were worked on, pedestrians, cyclists and motorists in the ward would be able to move freely at night without fearing the unknown.

The ward councillor said the challenges of blocked drainages would be a thing of the past because new drainage system would be constructed  in Kansengu ward.