Kafue steel industry to boost construction sector


By Nation Reporter

DEVELOPING a steel industry in Kafue will not only develop the town and create jobs, but also boost the local construction sector as they are linked, says Zambia Association of Manufactures (ZAM) chief executive officer Maybin Nsupila.

Mr Nsupila said that the linkages between iron, steel and construction sectors would help develop local capacity.

He explained that integrating the three sectors effectively would improve the pace at which the construction sector had been moving.

“For us, the steel industry has linkages in the construction industry and given the pace at which the construction industry has been developing.

“If we integrated the iron and steel sector into the construction industry effectively, we would create jobs and issues of unemployment would be a thing of the past,” he said.

Mr Nsupila said developing a steel industry was in line with a strategy ministry of commerce, trade and industry had embarked on in 2013.

He explained that strategy recognised the potential that Kafue had with regards to developing steel industry.

“We would also like to take note of the other pronouncement of using locally produced products, the combination of these pronouncements will trigger development in the country.

“Most of the infrastructure projects, a lot of steel used there has been imported and yet a lot of investment going into that sector can create jobs,” he said.

Mr Nsupila said buying local products would save local currency from collapse while adding value within the economy.

“With increased demand, comes increase investment which then translates into more jobs, unlike when importing steel, you can import volumes but nothing can change in terms of employment,” he said.

President Lungu, in his statement during the inauguration ceremony, announced that his administration would make Kafue town an iron and steel facility economic zone following the establishment of a steel plant in the area.