LCC lacks  effective waste  management-ICALI


By Nation Reporter

LUSAKA City Council should create a time-effective programme that will meet the challenges of litter and waste management, says Integrated Community Anti-litter Initiative (ICALI) chairperson Pascal Chikumbi. 

Mr Chikumbi said recently ICALI undertook a survey on litter and solid waste disposal especially in Lusaka district, where it noted the need for a serious waste disposal programme by LCC.

“Our results show that most of the waste in skip bins which are supposed to be collected at regular intervals by the Lusaka City Council’s specialised trucks have not been collected for quite some time,’’ he said .

Mr Chikumbi said that among areas which were seriously affected were Kaunda Square Stage II market and Ng’ombe area along Zambezi Road where waste bins were overflowing.

He said this had resulted in most of the marketeers and residents finding alternative means of disposing waste which had in the end contributed to indiscriminate litter and solid waste disposal.

The current situation where skip bins were not collected on time in the central business district of Lusaka and most densely populated residential areas was contributing to environmental degradation and becoming a health hazard not only to public health but unsafe for conducting of business.

“Skip bins are important for effective waste management because they allow residents and institutions to organise the bulk collection of a range of waste materials for disposal.

“This kind of system has proved to be a better way of disposing of waste than the regular lift services that are generally available to households and small and medium sized businesses,’’ said Mr Chikumbi.

Mr Chikumbi appealed to LCC to create a time-effective waste solution that would meet the challenges in litter and waste management.