HH total political mischief


Hichilema blamed his loss of his cases on what he called “justice mischief”. Let me put it on record that this man, Mr Hichilema, has no right to continue scandalising our courts and our judges in the manner he has been. In fact, he is the one who is a political mischief for losing elections 5 times and giving the same reason of having his votes stolen. Now let him avail the stolen votes to us Zambians so that he can convince us that it is true his votes were stolen. Furthermore, it is surprising that some people can continue to support a person like HH whose known trade mark is complaining of stolen votes each time he loses.





NRFA raises K300m from toll fees


I humbly write this letter to the nation to support the collections of money from toll gates and from weighbridges. A lot of new roads need toll gates urgently especially on the Nakonde-Mbala road. I appeal to the new Copperbelt Minister to look at Kasongo and Ganerton toll gates.

Concerned citizen;





Most schools lack  libraries


Kindly allow me space in your widely read newspaper to appeal to the government through the Ministry of Education to make it compulsory for both private and public learning institutions to establish libraries and employ qualified librarians.




That ‘Power Tools’ bus accident


I wish to pay my sincere condolences to the bereaved families for losing their loved ones in that Power Tolls bus road traffic accident. I want to partly blame RTSA as they don’t ensure that these buses have seat belts. This is one aspect they don’t check on buses traveling on our roads, all they would check are other safety measures leaving out wearing of seat belts by passengers.

Chitundu Ryan Chisha,





Ministry of education  salary saga


Allow me to comment on the salary anomaly in the Ministry of Education. We have a situation where some degree holders have still not been re-assessed while non-degree holders are the ones getting salaries of degree holders. This is a serious inconvenience and requires the attention it deserves. We have never heard of an MP who gets a salary of a Minister and gets away with it but why is it like this in the Ministry of Education? We hope that the new Minister of Education and of Labour will in no time address this concern to alleviate poverty among our degree holders.

Mwansa.G.K LYA




Miles Sampa rejoining PF


It is good that some of our members who ditched the party are coming back. It was disheartening to see Sampa, Mulenga Sata and others joining the opposition.

Alick Nyambe,

PF die-hard member


Contractors plead for  speedy payment


Now that the Finance Minister has been appointed, when will the contractors be paid? Sontapo walipila. We, the contractors, can point where we have worked. Let the government point too.



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