Agriculture has potential to transform economy

THE Agriculture sector has a lot of potential that cannot only transform Zambia’s economy but also tremendously impact the personal lives of the farmers, the Youth, Movement for Economic Freedom general secretary Reagan Mubatsa has observed.

Mr. Mubatsa, has encouraged Zambia youth to engage themselves in agriculture business as a way of moving away from the unemployment queue in the country.

He said it was important for the youth to be self-reliant and independent rather than looking elsewhere to seek economic assistance.

Mr. Mubatsa emphasised that the youth should show keen interest in agriculture not only to take over from the aging population of farmers but also to take advantage of the many benefits derivable from the sector.

He said Zambia was blessed with abundant land and that if well utilised through agriculture, would generate income for the teeming unemployed youth in the country.

“A large percentage of unemployed Zambians wish to work in government, but in agriculture lies great potentials that can transform an individual.

“If the youth of this country embark on commercial agriculture by taking up agriculture soft loans, there is no way many of them won’t live big but everyone wants to become a government worker. Agriculture can be the main revenue source for the country if we invest in it. Back in the colonial days, farmers were the richest people in the country,” he said.

He charged the youth to be hardworking and stop relying on government for employment.